All boat slips in Windmill Harbour are individually owned with a condominium form of deed. As a boat slip owner, you may use your slip to dock your own boat, or lease it to others. The harbourmaster maintains an active rental management program for slip owners.

As a slip owner, you become a member of the Windmill Harbour Marina Owners Association. This well run organization is managed by volunteer owners who stand for election to the board at an annual meeting.

A professional management company is under contract to manage the day-to-day affairs of personnel, accounting, maintenance and planning. Dedicated Board Members have provided good financial management through the years. Dues to the Windmill Harbour Marina Owners Association are billed semi-annually.

Each slip owner is also a member of the Windmill Harbour Property Owners Association which manages the surrounding community, security and common amenities.

Slips are sold as real estate through local Real Estate Brokers. Windmill Harbour Real Estate Sales is onsite in the community.


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